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Today’s Workforce Training

In today’s mainframe computing industry, an occasional class on a single topic is no longer enough to keep your personnel at peak performance. A blended array of classroom training, elearning, in-house training and coaching/mentoring must be completed regularly and often, scheduled and on the fly, by junior and senior personnel alike! This training must be of the highest quality and, vitally, should be linked to IBM’s official Digital Credentials via the multi-award-winning IBM Digital Badge Program!

Your personnel must be highly skilled, broadly skilled and currently skilled. Every new skill, every piece of knowledge, every update and reinforcement; has the potential to save your organization incalculable time and money, while avoiding headaches, errors and damage to your brand!

“There is no saturation point in education.” – IBM Founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

This is the computing industry’s ONLY curriculum of z/VSE elearning and it should form the core of your z/VSE workforce training program! At a budget friendly cost, it provides 25 instantly deliverable IBM z/VSE and z/VM and related courses, plus a Learning Management System for Manager oversight, metrics and reporting. You even get a dedicated, experienced, learning services team to work with you to setup a world-class, best practice z/VSE training program.

Read on to see how these training components work together for organizations worldwide...and how they can work for you:

Online z/VSE Courses

z/VSE e-Learning Courses

The core of any Workforce Training Program! 25 online z/VSE courses provide the broad-spectrum training essential to today’s highly-skilled, multi-skilled z/VSE computing workforce.

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Learning Management System

Learning Management System(LMS)

Delivers z/VSE workforce training every minute of the day, every day of the year, everywhere in the world! The Interskill LMS is loaded with valuable features for the z/VSE personnel who are training, and for the administrators and Managers who want control of the program and want comprehensive metrics on student progress/results.

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Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring Tools

z/VSE Learning Services

Interskill understands the tremendous natural synergy between eLearning and Coaching/Mentoring! Interskill also knows the importance in the mainframe computing industry of Knowledge Transfer: the passing on of decades of wisdom, experience and knowledge from the heads of your senior mainframers into your z/VSE Next Generation, before your senior mainframers retire!

Mentoring Tools include:

1. The powerful, IBM Credentialed, “Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists” elearning course that trains mainframe managers and senior mainframe personnel in the science, techniques and skills essential in effective Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists. It trains mainframe computing professionals how to better initiate and leverage coaching and mentoring from managers and senior mainframe personnel, as a superior form of mainframe training and a valuable accelerator to their mainframe computing careers!

2. The LMS Communicator is an integral part of the Interskill Learning Management System, enabling students to message their designated coach or mentor in your organization with questions or concerns either before or after completion of each course module. It simply and effectively promotes dialog, strengthens the coaching or mentoring relationship, and enables priceless knowledge transfer.

What do you get?

A license of Interskill Learning's z/VSE eLearning Curriculum gives you 1 year's unlimited access to ALL online z/VSE courses per licensed user. Significant discounts are available for licenses of 10 users, 20 users and more. Please contact us to ensure you are receiving every possible discount!